About Us

MiniFiss is an online store based in Vancouver Canada. We sell Bonsai shaped Driftwood to clients who like to create custom layouts or aquascapes for their aquariums. Our products are handmade, so each product has a unique shape and design. You will not be disappointed when you receive our products!

What is Bonsai Driftwood?

Bonsai is a traditional Japanese art of growing miniature trees in small containers. There is a wide variety of styles in which bonsai can be performed with each having unique properties and characteristics. These specialised techniques are used to create miniature trees which closely resemble those growing in their natural habitat.

Some techniques add to the miniature tree’s maturity so it looks older and more sophisticated. Other techniques add to its simplicity to create look which adds to its spiritual beauty. Some techniques also focus on creating a very artistic and unique looking miniature tree. Overall, bonsai driftwood for aquarium is a very sophisticated art which has made its way to other cultures because of this very reason.


Shape of Bonsai Driftwood

Naturally occurring driftwood can be found on a variety of trees and are different from each other in numerous ways. Some varieties are naturally more rugged looking while others take interesting shapes. Many a times, the artist adds to its rugged and rough look to enhance the weary effect. There are many ways in which driftwood bonsai can be created and all of them are quite interesting.

Our Bonsai Driftwood

Our products imported from Vietnam where has a lot of driftwood. Vietnam is also one of countries in the world have large of Aquascape community. Moreover, our artists try to design bonsai driftwood from small pieces to make them look like a real tree. The whole product was made by hand, so each tree has a unique shape.

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