Buy wood for your aquarium? What to look out for!

Buy wood for your aquarium? What to look out for!

Everything starts with a good plan. And I mean that literally. Think carefully about the result that you want to achieve. Your aquarium wood must fit in your tank and merge with the other hardscape and the inhabitants of your aquarium.

Make sure that the ratio of plants to wood, but also wood to swimming space, remains ideal.

Some tips that I already give you:

  1. Draw a floor plan that takes into account the growth of plants and fish. You will also see that it is more convenient to create a general picture of your aquascape
  2. Choose the right piece of aquarium wood based on the needs of your fish. For example, do you have a container of dwarf cichlids? Then buy wood with an irregular structure that offers lots of natural brooding holes.
  3. Avoid purchasing too large pieces of wood for your bin. Often they don’t really fit in your tank, or they take up too much swimming space. You can work flexibly with different pieces of smaller wood.
  4. Don’t be afraid to cut your aquarium wood into pieces. By expanding your large stumps with many smaller pieces you get an aquascape that is much more balanced and feels natural

Bonus tip: you will rarely find a nice piece when you are looking for it. What I do: every time I am in the aquarium shop (for another purchase), I take the most beautiful pieces with me. That way I slowly expand my collection and I always have something ready.

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