The benefits of aquarium wood

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There are some other advantages: Acidifying effect: wood lowers the pH of your aquarium It is healthy for fish with a “cellulose requirement” It is a handy outlet for fish eggs It offers many shelter options for fish (and shrimp) It is a good bonding base for Epiphytes such as Java fern or moss That […]

Learn the Basic Aquascaping Design Principles

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Aquascaping may be a form of art in which imagination and creativity play an essential role, but mastering the backbone of this process is elementary if you want to be successful. Measure is very important in nature, and aquascaping makes no exception. You want your tank to not only please your eye, but make it […]

Top 10 Tips for Controlling Algae Growth in Your Aquarium


One of the most enjoyable times for the new hobbyist is watching the flurry of activity in the aquarium after that pinch or two of fish food hits the surface. Sometimes we’re tempted to repeat the show 2-3 times a day, which is fine if your fish consume all the food within a couple minutes.