Learn the Basic Aquascaping Design Principles

Aquascaping may be a form of art in which imagination and creativity play an essential role, but mastering the backbone of this process is elementary if you want to be successful. Measure is very important in nature, and aquascaping makes no exception.

You want your tank to not only please your eye, but make it wonder in the right places. You want your fish to feel comfortable; you want your plants to grow to their full potential.

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Buy wood for your aquarium? What to look out for!

Everything starts with a good plan. And I mean that literally. Think carefully about the result that you want to achieve. Your aquarium wood must fit in your tank and merge with the other hardscape and the inhabitants of your aquarium.

Make sure that the ratio of plants to wood, but also wood to swimming space, remains ideal.

Some tips that I already give you:

  1. Draw a floor plan that takes into account the growth of plants and fish.
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New Styles Arrived
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ll new trees now are available to sale on Minifiss shop page. This time we have 5 new styles include Four Pillars, Five Pillars, Layout Forest, Flying Bonsai and Pillar on Rock.
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Twenty Tips for Realistic Aquaria
Aquascaping is one of the dark arts of fishkeeping. Very few books talk about the subject at all, and what information is published is based around the 'Nature Aquarium' theme popularised by Japanese aquarist Takashi Amano. While his approach can work incredibly well,
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