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Driftwood and how to process before use


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1. What is driftwood?

– Driftwood is the core of the hardest tree remaining after dead or tree roots under long-standing streams.

– Dried driftwood is good, heavy in long rivers and streams will sink right in the water, driftwood is impermeable when soaked and dried in the dry.

– Natural driftwood always has a natural shape, has a smooth body but no ball play style is more difficult drum style rock because the drift always has a natural mark and aesthetic always very high.

– Driftwood is often harvested from swampy areas, which are often submerged in water for long periods of time and are subjected to abrasive water erosion. Therefore, driftwood always has natural beauty.

2. How to process it before use

– To release all color from driftwood, boil and soak with Hydrogen peroxide (H2O22)[ any Dollar stores].

– Can be boil several times with salt, or underwater for around a week.

– Driftwood, when introduced into aquariums, reduces the pH in the aquarium due to this reason driftwood is recommended for use with discus, fairy fish or other live fish in the environment. light acid.

– Driftwood when first introduced into the aquarium is often clogged with some white mold. Just drop a few slave fish to eat them clean.


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