1. Do you have a location store?

No, we don’t have a location store. Minifiss is an online store in Vancouver, Canada. This store is our hobby business only so that you cannot come to visit. However, our product photos are exactly how the product looks.

2. Is a piece I put in my cart the actual piece I will receive or is it like eBay where I would receive something similar?

A piece you order on the website is unique. it is not like on Amazon or eBay. you will receive exactly what you order.

3. Which carrier do you use to ship?

We use the Canada post service.

4. Is your tree safe for a shrimp tank?

Of course, It is safe for any kind of tank.

5. Do you any promotion codes for any special event of the year?

Yes, we have provided some promo codes on some special days such as x-mas, black Friday, etc..

6. Are you a member of any aquarium group on social media?

Yes, we proud to be one of the sponsors of the Canadian Aquarium Shrimp and Plants Buyers and Sellers on Facebook.

7. How fast do you reply to the email?

We will try our best to reply as soon as possible. 24/7.

8. Why I didn’t get my receipt after the order?

Sometimes, the system delays sending you a receipt via email. If after 24 hours you still not receive the receipt, please send a message on the contact page, or to support@minifiss.com or inbox on our Facebook page. We will help you check it.

9. Can I come to pick-up, so I don’t pay for shipping fee?

Yes,  of course. If you are living in Vancouver, BC, Canada, you can come to pick-up. However, you still have to order online first with the coupon code localpickup to remove the shipping fee.

After we receive your order, we will contact you via email which you use to order online and send you our address to pickup.