How to make a beautiful Minifiss for aquariums

How to make a beautiful Minifiss for aquariums

It is one of the more beautiful mosses that you use to plant in your aquarium. In addition to the usual way of planting as using fiss pieces, planting Fiss by nursing is gradually being used by many. Today we would like to give you tips on how to successfully grow fiss …

Fiss is one of the easy to grow moss but if the temperature is too high and not enough light, the moss is easily blackened. So to plant fiss green and beautiful, then you remember to put the tank in any place cool in a little cool!

First fiss you buy should clean up the soil or buy fiss jars available on the market.

After you have finished the soil, you grind the fiss by blender or blender in your home.

After mashing finished, you mix fiss with yogurt. The purpose of this is to make your fiss faster by using nutrients from yogurt and besides in yogurt there is an available amount of fermentable microorganisms to facilitate nutrient absorption for fiss easier.

Moisture the surface to fiss up

Use your hand or brush to sweep fiss to the area you want for fiss

After you have finished fiss to where you need to spread, you remember to keep closed to moisturize!

After covering , keep the lights on for 8 hours and use a fog spray to fiss a day 2 times alternately to moisturize fiss.

After 2 weeks, fiss leaves

After 3 weeks, fiss started to thicken and evenly

For about 4 weeks, you can light the water and start running filter. The next 2-3 weeks then the fiss will leave the water when you can stock up fish or shrimp for your tank

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